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Updated: July 2021

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307 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-346-8100

About Old Republic Life Insurance Company

Old Republic Life Insurance, through its oldest subsidiary, Reliable Life, has provided life insurance since 1887. The company specializes in quality low-cost term life insurance policies through a nationwide network of independent life agency general agencies.

The life insurance group also offers credit life and disability products through financial institutions and other marketing channels.

Old Republic Financial Ratings

Old Republic Life Insurance Company carries a rating of “A-” (excellent) from the insurance rating organization and a rating of “A+” for claims-paying ability from Standard & Poors.

For over 75 years, Old Republic Life has provided their policy owners with solid, dependable protection.

Old Republic Life Insurance Company Review Updates 2019

Old Republic Insurance Company is a company that primarily focuses on varying lines of insurance.

Currently, life insurance is no longer one of those areas that Old Republic specializes in.

In fact, you may even find Old Republic Insurance company operating under different names or subsidiaries that can include the following list of property and casualty companies in addition to other specialty niche insurance products and solutions.

  • BITCO Insurance Company
  • Great West Casualty Company
  • Old Republic Aerospace
  • Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group
  • Old Republic General Insurance Corporation
  • Old Republic Home Protection
  • Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Old Republic Insured Automotive Services
  • Old Republic Professional Liability
  • Old Republic Residual Market Services
  • Old Republic Risk Management
  • Old Republic Specialty Insurance Underwriters
  • Old Republic Surety Company
  • PMA Companies

I know its long list but that’s very common for insurance companies to have dozens of subsidiaries and different areas of specialty under one central umbrella.

Current Status of Old Republic International Insurance Company

Old Republic Insurance, although not in the life insurance industry anymore, is surely still a strong presence in the insurance industry.  As of 2019, Old Republic ranks #481 on the Fortune 500 list.

Currently, Old Republic Insurance Company is operating primarily in the United States and Canada. Old Republic is currently based out of Chicago Illinois and began its operations back in 1923.

Clearly this is a long time standing and goes to show that Old Republic does have a strong record and strives to provide their policy holders and clients with the best service.

Although the list above didn’t include all of them, Old Republic currently runs its operation in Canada and the United States, using a grand total of 134 subsidiaries.

A Look at Old Republic’s Current Operations and Revenue

Old Republic Life currently profits roughly 370 million dollars annually and has a total of 19 billion dollars under management.

Old Republic is currently being operated under the management of Aldo C Zucaro who serves as their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and employs more than 9,000 employees.

Old Republic has had a decent track record of remaining in the Fortune 500.

If Old Republic can crack the top 500 again in 2020 that would give them a total of 9 years consecutively making the list which is impressive on its own.

If you visit the “About Us” Page on Old Republic Insurance’s website, you will find a few interesting quotes and learn more about their operation.

Currently, Old Republic prides themselves on operating under a “decentralized model” and claims that this is the best way to provide clients and policyholders with more specialized help and risk assessments.

They also boast themselves on the fact that they are ranked in the Top 50 largest publicly held insurance companies within the United States.

Old Republic Insurance Company currently has 94 offices located in 64 cities.

There are Better Options than Old Republic for Life Insurance

Most individuals that land on Spectrum Insurance Group are typically looking for the best life insurance companies to serve their needs and protect their families and assets.

At Spectrum Insurance Group, we specialize in all types of life insurance to truly fit your needs and afford your family the protection they deserve.

Considering that this is no longer a specialty or offering from Old Republic Life, it’s likely that you should be looking elsewhere to secure the best life insurance companies with one of the top-rated life insurance companies.

How Do You Find the Best Life Insurance Options?

To find your options for life insurance specifically, begin by filling out the quote form on this page. This will allow you to compare life insurance rates and companies with more than 50 potential options.

Whatever help and guidance you are still looking for after completing this step, we are certainly here to help and just one phone call away.