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About Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Jackson National Life’s history is one of uninterrupted service and growth. As one of the largest life insurance and financial services organizations in the United States, JNL is an industry leader in the areas of fixed, indexed, and variable annuities.

Jackson National® is wholly owned by the United Kingdom’s Prudential plc, a major international financial services group with operations in Europe, Asia, and the United States (not affiliated with Prudential Financial).

Jackson National Life Insurance Company Update 2019

Finding the ideal company to work with when looking for life insurance is never the most exciting journey you can begin.

It can be challenging and confusing to keep up with everything taking place in the industry. That’s where we come in to help you along the way.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you are always provided the most up to date and relevant information about all life insurance companies.

We also believe it’s imperative that you are always being afforded help finding and securing coverage with a top-rated life insurance company.

All companies are different and have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally, life insurance companies tend to change structure more often then consumers are likely aware of which can make things even more confusing.

Jackson National Life happens to be one of the companies and the central point of focus for this article. We are going to briefly break down and provide updates about the current status of Jackson National Life.

Here are the details you need to know.

Jackson National Life Insurance Overview and History

Jackson National Life was acquired by Prudential Life back in 1986. You would classify Prudential Life as the parent company to Jackson National.

The parent company for Jackson National is Prudential
Prudential is the parent company for Jackson National

Jackson National is one of the companies in the life insurance industry that doesn’t quite have the long track record only being established in 1961.

Currently, Jackson National is headquartered in Michigan and Jackson National was originally created and inspired by the ever so famous President of the United States “Andrew Jackson”.

What many individuals are likely not aware of when it comes to Jackson National is that they no longer offer any products in the form of life insurance. Currently, Jackson National only offers products in the form of annuities.

Unfortunately, if you ended up on this page due to a need for life insurance, Jackson National is not going to be the company for you.

Jackson National, however, is known to offer some of the best annuities on the market in form of Fixed Indexed, Fixed, and Variable Annuities.

If however, life insurance is the primary concern, you are going to be much better served to turn your attention to the instant quote form on this page.

This is going to allow you to compare all types of life insurance policies with dozens of the top-rated life insurance companies on the market.

Additionally, we always recommend using this approach regardless because it ensures that you will be placed with a life insurance company that truly can underwrite your specific health conditions effectively and can help you locate the most robust coverage for the lowest overall price possible.

Jackson National Life Insurance Financial Ratings

Jackson National, although not a part of the life insurance competition anymore is still a strong player in the financial services sector of the market.

Currently, A.M. Best if affording Jackson National with an A+ rating which is considered superior and ranked the #2 best rating you can be given on a scale that offers 16 different financial strength ratings.

Here is a quick look at the rest of the financial strength rating and BBB ratings currently being provided to Jackson National.

  • A.M Best: A+
  • Standard and Poor’s: AA
  • Moody’s: AA-
  • Fitch: AA
  • Comdex: 94
  • BBB Rating: A+

These are all solid indicators that Jackson National is surely getting it done with their annuity’s lineup and it’s clear that they have a niche and good approach to their business.

Additionally, A+ ratings from the BBB rating should make clients and policyholders feel very comfortable that Jackson National not only strives to fulfill promises but also resolves active complaints as quickly as possible and strives to always keep the client happy and promises honored.

Jackson National Life Insurance Is A Big Player in Annuities, Not Life Insurance

I think it’s clear at this point in the post that Jackson National is not going to be the path to take for life insurance. That’s okay and some companies are simply more structured to help with other financial products and services.

Too many other great options are currently available to choose from if you are seeking life insurance and protection for the family.

Begin by filling out the instant quote form on the bottom or top of this page to begin comparing rates between dozens of A+ rated life insurance companies.

We help represent you with all types of life insurance including permanent life insurance, term life insurance and even life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam.

If you have it this far, you likely already understand how important life insurance is for you and your family. Now it’s on you and your responsibility to do something about it.

Spectrum Insurance Group merely wants to help you along the way.