West Coast Life Insurance

Acquired by Protective Life Insurance

Updated: March 9, 2024

West Coast Life Insurance company has merged with Protective Life as of 1997.

West Coast Life Insurance policyholders can contact Protective Life below.

PO Box 12687
Birmingham, AL 35202-6687
Phone # 1-800-866-9933

West Coast Life Insurance Policy Claims

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In this article, we will cover information about both West Coast Life insurance policies, underwriting with Protective Life, and how to file a claim if you currently have a West Coast Life policy.

About West Coast Life Insurance

West Coast Life Insurance Company logo

West Coast Life Insurance Company was once a company that independent life insurance agents offered to consumers somewhat frequently. Agents enjoyed offering West Coast Life for several reasons that included competitive pricing and unique underwriting niches. However, in 1997, Protective Life Acquired West Coast Life as part of a merger.

All in force business was taken over by Protective Life Insurance Company.

West Coast Life was founded in 1906 and Protective Life in 1907. The two companies have forged the experience of almost 200 years in the life insurance business in America. West Coast Life’s history includes more company “firsts” than most other companies can even imagine. And since 1997, West Coast Life has grown to be the crown jewel of the Protective Life Family.

This happens frequently, and it’s nothing to worry about. Often, larger life insurance companies will purchase other life insurance companies to increase total assets, market share, and help eliminate some of the competition in the marketplace.

Many consumers have one question when this happens.

What Happens to My West Coast Life Insurance Policy?

Nothing. Everything remains the same. When a life insurance company such as Protective Life acquires another company or merges, they not only take the current in-force business, but they also take on all the liability and responsibility of existing policies.

All this simply means is that your policy you once had with West Coast Life is still 100% honored and in force. You will need to contact Protective Life to make changes to your policy or to file claims. With that being said, let’s cover some of West Coast Life’s company history and discuss the current company holding your life insurance policy.

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West Coast Life Company History and Overview

West Coast Life began back in 1906 in San Francisco California. Initially, West Coast Life Insurance was referred to as the “The Spirit of the West.”  After 90 years in business, West Coast Life merged with Protective Life in 1997 where it remains to this day.

As of 2020, Protective Life sits at over 121 billion dollars in total assets and has more than 979 billion of net life insurance in force. Although the business West Coast Life is part of the Protective Life Insurance umbrella, the companies for quite some time kept their names separate.

Until recent years, West Coast Life’s name was finally merged or terminated.

Sometimes this will take place for brand recognition and marketing. In my opinion, this was likely the case, but as stated before, West Coast Life is now a distant memory and everything that was sold through West Coast Life is now under the Protective Life Insurance name.

No worries, it’s a great name to be under in the life insurance market.

Right now, for all consumers looking into Protective Life Insurance, you would be able to enjoy competitive pricing and lenient underwriting guidelines compared to some of the other life insurance companies that offer coverage to consumers.

Underwriting with Protective Life and West Coast Life Are Nearly Identical

As of today, most independent life insurance agents would agree that the old West Coast Life Insurance Company underwriting and Protective Life Insurance’s current underwriting have nearly identical guidelines for approving individuals for life insurance coverage (or did at least).

It’s one and the same. This simply means that the guidelines required to be approved for coverage with Protective Life are the same as it used to be with West Coast Life Insurance Company.

Anytime a company merges with another life insurance company, consumers become concerned with the new protocols that will be in place with the new life insurance company but as an independent life insurance agent myself, I can assure you that Protective Life now holding the reigns on West Coast Life, you have nothing to worry about.

In fact, Protective Life Insurance is perhaps the most frequently used company I recommend to clients, and I would consider them and quickly place them as a top life insurance company currently available.

Yes, they are pretty good.

Although this is promising for you as the consumer or policyholder, we have a strict policy at Spectrum Insurance Group. Since we are a group of independent advisors all licensed to sell life insurance across the country, we prefer to inform you of the good and the bad with life insurance companies.

Let’s keep rolling through more of the details about the former West Coast Life and Protective Life Insurance Co.

Products That Were Offered by West Coast Life Insurance Company

In the past, West Coast Life primarily offered term life insurance and universal life insurance coverage. The term product they were most known for was referred to as their Secure Term. It’s a 10-30-year level premium term that was offered in increments of 5 years.

To clarify, this means you could have purchased the following forms of term life insurance with West Coast Life Insurance Company.

This is somewhat different than what’s offered by Protective Life today. In my opinion, I believe Protective Life’s term product is superior compared to “old days” West Coast Life Product, but for many consumers, it can also be confusing.

This is known as a term/hybrid Universal Life.

With West Coast Life, you would have been purchasing a basic, easy to understand level premium term policy for the set amount of years you choose.

With Protective Life, you get the added benefit of the UL chassis being attached to your term allowing the policy to extend past its original expirations and convert itself into a permanent life insurance policy if you wish to do so.

Again, I get this is a little confusing but to make things easy to understand, as an independent agent and if I were speaking to you, I’d ensure you and encourage you that the term product currently offered by Protective Life is one of the best products consumers have access to in today’s life insurance market.

It’s cheap and has the same lenient underwriting West Coast Life once offered. While it’s always nice to sell a simple product that consumers understand, I also find it necessary to provide consumers with the most robust coverage for their budget if it’s something I know I can explain in a way that makes sense to them than it becomes a win-win for everyone involved.

Underwriting with Protective Life is Excellent

Both West Coast Life and Protective Life both offer/offered fantastic underwriting compared to other life insurance companies currently providing coverage to consumers.

For example, Protective Life is excellent for individuals needing life insurance with heart conditions. They are also great with other health conditions and other high risk life insurance needs.

All that lenient underwriting means for you as the consumer is that if you currently have struggled with certain health conditions, you still have a strong likelihood of being accepted for coverage at exceptional rates.

Financial Strength Ratings for Protective Life Insurance Company

As of right now, it doesn’t matter which company you are referring to. The old West Coast Life vs. Protective Life. It’s all the same now. The financial strength ratings and reputation of Protective Life Insurance are outstanding.

Here’s a look at them from the 4 major credit rating agencies that judge the credit, liquidity, and total assets for insurance companies in the United States.

  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Standard and Poor’s: AA-
  • Moody’s: A1
  • Fitch: A+

What Should You Do Next When Shopping for Life Insurance?

If you are currently in the market for life insurance, you should always begin by comparing rates using a tool such as the one displayed on this screen. It’s also vital to compare prices with all life insurance companies and not corner yourself into only one option.

However, what I can assure you is that Protective Life is a company never to be hesitant to work with. Like I stated previously, I’m a licensed agent and have no benefit or reason to encourage one company or another.

My only goal or job is to ensure you receive the best coverage for a price that makes sense for you. Protective Life is fantastic, and you can’t go wrong when it comes to competitive rates, favorable underwriting, or companies with a strong track record in the life insurance industry.

How to Contact West Coast Life Insurance Company

Like I stated previously, if you are looking for quotes or policy information with West Coast Life, you are going to use all contact information that correlates with Protective Life Insurance Company. Here is that contact information.

West Coast Life Insurance Customer Contact Information (Now Protective Life Company)

P.O. Box 12687
Birmingham, Alabama 35202-6687

1-800-866-9933 Billing/Claims Service West Coast Life Insurance now Protective Life Corporation

West Coast Life May Be Done, But Protective Life is Thriving and Gaining Dominance

Although West Coast Life Insurance Company is now a distant memory, you have nothing to worry about. Old life insurance policies are still valid and honored (assuming you have been paying the premiums).

Protective Life is the company that holds those West Coast Life Insurance policies. Because Protective is such a strong company, they will be able to help you file any claims or answer questions about your policy. Contact them for more info.