Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients

A Guide For People with Kidney Disease

Updated: June 2021

There are many different types of kidney disease. With this pervasive and sometimes life-threatening illness group, it can be difficult to find high risk life insurance for dialysis patients. But defining the illness type and its prognosis will let the agent know what is insurable and what is not an insurable kidney problem.

A surgery, like donating a kidney is often insurable, if the insured is in good health otherwise. Kidney failure is a problem where the patient needs regular dialysis, and that is often times not insurable, except with a final expense policy, or burial insurance, that does not require health questions to be purchased. But kidney disease with a good prognosis for recovery is insurable with many life insurance companies at an increased rate.

In this article, we will cover the underwriting process, how your health status might impact your insurance rating, and how to apply for life insurance for those with kidney disease.

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Can I Get Life Insurance While on Dialysis?
Underwriting: What Insurance Companies Need to Know About Dialysis Patients
The Best Life Insurance Companies for People on Dialysis or with Kidney Disease
How a Kidney Disorder Affects Your Insurance Rating
FAQ’s About Life Insurance for People with Kidney Disease
How to Apply for Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients

Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients and People with Kidney Disease

Can I Get Life Insurance While on Dialysis?

Yes! Life insurance for patients with kidney disease or on dialysis is possible.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is treatable and often preventable. About 30 million people in the USA have CKD, and millions more are susceptible. Some people aren’t even aware they have the disease. This type of kidney dysfunction can often be reversed and can be insurable if treatment is working.

The high risk groups for CKD are diabetes and high blood pressure, which affect 60% of those with kidney disease.

There are a number of different diseases and conditions that can cause chronic kidney disease. Also known as Chronic Renal Disease, this dysfunction of the kidneys makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to get life insurance. Many companies today recognize that CKD is very prevalent and on the rise. Many times it is treatable and doesn’t affect the application process.

Underwriting: What Insurance Companies Need to Know About Dialysis Patients

Life insurance for Patients on Dialysis for Kidney Failure

If you are on dialysis or have had kidney failure, there are several questions all insurance companies will want to know about.

  • When you received your diagnosis
  • What specific type of kidney disease you have
  • What level is the disease?
    • Mild
    • Moderate
    • Severe
  • Regular medication you are taking
  • How your health is currently and any acute attacks
  • Information on results/readings (GFR and Creatinine)
  • Have you had any surgery or treatment? Or are you currently awaiting any?

The Best Life Insurance Companies for People on Dialysis or with Kidney Disease

There are dozens of life insurance carriers that have great policies for high risk patients. Here are our top choices for those on dialysis or with kidney disease.

Although those are generally our top life insurance choices for dialysis patients, we do recommend you give us a call to compare all your options. Every situation is unique and some other life insurance companies may be a better fit for you.

How a Kidney Disorder Affects Your Insurance Rating

As with many diseases, CKD is rated according to severity, prognosis, lab work, and current symptomatology. The agent must assess those parameters and come up with a careful screening and collection of medical documentation. That data then be submitted to underwriting and the proper analysis can determine a rate. Of course, on its face, CKD is a chronic illness that can be life-threatening and as such will have a higher rate than someone who doesn’t have the disease.

The applicant will get a table rating, which is the standard or regular rate, plus a certain percentage above that rate. Every company is different but most use either an alphabetical rating order or a numbered rating order.

The table below shows table ratings for a 40-year-old male, with a treated kidney problem, that has no lasting effects. The insured was healthy otherwise and did not need ongoing treatment, non-smoking, for a ten-year term at $250,000.

TableRate %Total / Month

FAQ’s About Life Insurance for People with Kidney Disease

There are several questions that come up when we speak with people looking for life insurance for someone on dialysis. Below are the most common.

What is kidney failure?

When the kidneys are badly damaged and no longer function properly than you have kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The only recourse for this condition is dialysis or transplantation.

Can I get life insurance with kidney disease or kidney failure?

The insurance requirements for being approved for life insurance are not that difficult if the chronic kidney disease is treatable and the prognosis is good. For kidney failure or ESRD, the prognosis is dire and would only qualify for a graded death benefit simplified whole life, which doesn’t require health questions.

For those with ESRD, the best plans for that condition are the simplified and simple whole life designed for taking care of just the final expenses, burial or cremation, which can run high. There are some companies willing to insure individuals with chronic kidney disease, through a table rating system. This allows for many of the 30 million people who have this disease to purchase life insurance and have some peace of mind.

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients

There are a lot of life insurance options on the market. Between the varying life insurance types, companies, and rates, it can be hard to compare them all and feel very overwhelming. Especially with all the other financial obligations when dealing with kidney disease.

Specifically, with a health problem, it is very important for people looking for life insurance should speak with a professional. Independent agents do not work with one specific company, but with multiple life insurance companies in order to help their clients secure the best rates.

Our independent life insurance agents can help you find the best life insurance rates for people with kidney disease. They can help you compare the best rates policies and companies for your specific situation.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our agents, or get started comparing life insurance for dialysis patients or people with kidney disease using our quick and easy life insurance quote tools.