High-Risk Life Insurance

High-Risk life insurance is for people with serious medical conditions. No matter your situation, we can help you find the right type of life insurance policy.

Read any of our 13 high risk life insurance articles to find the best rate for you.

Life Insurance for Diabetics

Updated: March 9, 2024 by: Bennett Bier In this guide, we’ll show you the top 7 life insurance companies for people with diabetes, sample rates, and what you can do to find low cost life insurance as a diabetic. Whether you need burial insurance, term life insurance, or whole life insurance (permanent life insurance) for…

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Finding Life Insurance with Prostate Cancer

Updated: August 2021 A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating for a man and his family. In addition to all the worries and complications that arise with any cancer diagnosis, prostate cancer can make obtaining life insurance seem like an impossible task. There is still hope. Most men assume that if they have prostate cancer…

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Life Insurance with Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia

If you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, acquiring life insurance may be difficult, frustrating, or daunting at the very least. Many people living with these conditions have reported being declined by life insurance companies or being charged excessive rates for minimal coverage. While it’s true that the process is not an easy one, it is not impossible.

Much depends on the seriousness or severity of your condition and the success of treatment methods. For example, whether you are on medication or going to therapy. Even if these conditions have a huge impact on your daily life, you may qualify for standard life insurance policies. As a last resort, there are guaranteed issue polices that may suit your needs.

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Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients

Updated: June 2021 There are many different types of kidney disease. With this pervasive and sometimes life-threatening illness group, it can be difficult to find high risk life insurance for dialysis patients. But defining the illness type and its prognosis will let the agent know what is insurable and what is not an insurable kidney…

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Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

Updated: January 2022 Any diagnosis of cancer is difficult to deal with, but for those seeking life insurance, it can be especially hard. If you or a loved one currently has cancer or is a cancer survivor, below you will learn exactly what you need to know about applying for life insurance with cancer. Specifically,…

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If you want to learn more about guaranteed issue life insurance or find out if it is the right type of life insurance for you, this guide will help you. People with certain medical conditions or health problems can find it difficult to obtain a traditional life insurance policy. However, you should not let these…

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Life Insurance for Patients with Heart Conditions

Today, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about getting life insurance with heart disease or a number of other heart conditions. First, we’ll show you the most common heart conditions, including risk factors for each. After that, we’ll explain the types of life insurance policies you can get with heart disease or…

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High Cholesterol Life Insurance

Updated: February 2022 In the past, there were two things that did not go together well in this industry – high cholesterol and affordable life insurance over age 50. In fact, high cholesterol was at one time among the brightest red flags leading for not getting approved for life insurance. Times have changed. Doctors now…

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Marijuana Life Insurance

Updated: January 2024 The goal for every marijuana user should be to get “non-smoker” rates. We’ll explain how in this article. First and foremost, life insurance companies won’t automatically decline you for marijuana use. In fact, you can get low rates. You just need to use the right life insurance company that is experienced in…

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Smokers Life Insurance

Updated By: Bennett Bier | March 9, 2024 Let’s be clear before we start. Everything else being equal, smokers life insurance does have higher premiums than life insurance for non-smokers. However, there are some caveats to that which we will explore in this article. For example, the type of smoking (or tobacco use) can be…

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