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About, Including Pros & Cons of Their Service

When you buy life insurance, it is important to shop for your policy through the best insurance agency. While every insurance agency will claim that they are the best in the business, it is important to take a step back and do your research so that you can verify these claims. When doing your research, it is imperative that you rely on unbiased facts rather than subjective opinions.

If you have been considering obtaining quotes through, read this unbiased Accuquote review to determine if this is the right brokerage to choose when you are comparing life insurance premiums.

About Accuquote & Their Company History

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Accuquote was founded in 1986 by Byron Udell. Eight years after the company’s inception, the company became one of the first to offer free no obligation online quotes.

The company’s mission is to help consumers locate the right insurance policy from a leading insurer in the industry. As a brokerage, applicants can obtain quotes from several different insurance companies all on one platform through the online quoting tool.

The company has been successful in its mission and has assisted applicants in obtaining over $50 billion in term life coverage since the company was founded.

Advantages of Choosing Accuquote

Accuquote is a very large online brokerage and employs hundreds of agents who are located in the company’s headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois.

Accuquote is an Independent Brokerage

Since Accuquote is independent, their agents are free to recommend coverage from several different life insurance companies based on the applicant’s needs and health status.

Independent brokerages and agencies are much more likely to save applicants money because the firm can choose to quote policies from companies that are most competitive. Obtaining quotes from an independent agency will save applicants time as well by doing the shopping for them.

You Get an Accuquote Personal Account Executive

A personal account executive will be assigned to you to help make recommendations with Accuquote.

In today’s day and age, several online quoting systems are nothing more than computer systems that show instant price estimates. These systems cannot review your medical conditions to determine which policy is best for you.

Accuquote account executives are highly trained and equipped to help you find the best possible policy.

Like a small agency, representatives at Accuquote will ask you questions about your medical history, health status, and lifestyle so that you choose the most suitable policy. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, your representative will give you quotes for coverage from a carrier willing to cover this condition. This ensures that you will not be denied for coverage because you applied with a company who targets Preferred or Super Preferred applicants.

Disadvantages of Accuquote

When you are comparing life insurance rates through an independent agency, it is important to realize that the quote you receive through one independent agency will be the same as the quote you receive through another when they are quoting the same carriers.

The key factor to put into consideration when choosing an independent agency is their sales and service practices.

Accuquote Reps are Trained to Sell Quickly

In our Accuquote review, we determined that the only real disadvantage of doing business with Accuquote is that the representatives are trained to sell quickly.

This sales first attitude may be good for consumers who are ready to buy, but for those who have questions, the tactic is not ideal.

Alternatives to Accuquote

After a complete Accuquote review, you’ll find that Accuquote is a respectable online insurance agency with an advanced website.

They offer the tools you need to calculate how much insurance you need and also have a glossary that explains different life insurance terms. While the company can save applicants money, the quality of service offered has become a serious complaint according to customer reviews, especially for those who prefer to build and maintain a relationship with their agent through the sales process.

If you are interested in other options to help you shop for life insurance, we recommend finding a smaller independent agency or do some of the research and shopping yourself. With proper homework, you can likely find a better solution than Accuquote.