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20-Year Term Life Insurance

Updated: June 2021 Today, you’re going to learn all about 20-year term life insurance. Whether you need help deciding what term length to get for your life insurance policy, or if you’re still trying to figure out if life insurance is right for you, this article will help. There are many different types of life…

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West Coast Life Insurance Company

Updated: July 2021 West Coast Life Insurance company has merged with Protective Life as of 1997. West Coast Life Insurance policyholders can contact Protective Life below. PO Box 12687Birmingham, AL 35202-6687Phone # 1-800-866-9933 In this article, we will cover information about both West Coast Life insurance policies, underwriting with Protective Life, and how to file…

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Life Insurance for Diabetics

Updated: June 2021 In this guide, we’ll show you the top 7 life insurance companies for people with diabetes, sample rates, and what you can do to find low cost life insurance as a diabetic. Whether you need burial insurance, term life insurance, or whole life insurance for diabetics, we’ll answer all your questions. You’ll…

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Finding Life Insurance with Prostate Cancer

Updated: August 2021 A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating for a man and his family. In addition to all the worries and complications that arise with any cancer diagnosis, prostate cancer can make obtaining life insurance seem like an impossible task. There is still hope. Most men assume that if they have prostate cancer…

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The Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Companies

Almost half of the country does not have a life insurance policy. While life insurance coverage may not be the most glamorous subject, the reality is, without it, you are putting your family’s financial security at risk.

Nobody wants to risk leaving their loved ones with financial difficulties. One of the best ways you can protect your family is with a guaranteed universal life policy.

If you want an affordable life insurance policy with the benefit of permanent coverage, a guaranteed universal life policy could be the solution you are looking for.

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Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Review

Mutual of Omaha is one of the biggest and most widely recognized names in the insurance world. Founded in 1909, this company is a national insurance writer, providing financial products for individual clients as well as for larger businesses and corporations.

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How Are Life Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Many clients have wanted to know how are life insurance premiums calculated.  Insurance companies try to minimize their risk when setting the rates that you will pay for an insurance policy. They try to ensure that the premiums paid are higher or lower based on any health or lifestyle risk that you have in your…

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$2,000,000 Life Insurance Quotes

It is estimated that nearly half of all Americans who have a life insurance policy are drastically underinsured. This means if they were to unexpectedly pass away, their spouse and loved ones would not have the financial security to pay off any debt and expenses left behind. While deciding to get life insurance coverage in…

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Average Funeral Cost

Budgeting for a funeral isn’t exactly the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, especially if it’s your own, but death is an unavoidable part of life that we have to plan for. A funeral and burial are a huge expense which is why having a comprehensive plan to help your loved ones pay for yours is a good idea. To make the planning process as easy as possible, we’re here to help you get a feel for the average funeral cost.

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SelectQuote Life Insurance Review

SelectQuote is a company whose services are well designed to match you with the perfect life insurance coverage options for your unique situation. No matter your age, gender, or health status, SelectQuote was designed to assist you in navigating the sometimes dull and dreary process of finding the correct life insurance provider.

But how successful is SelectQuote, really? And what should users know before enlisting its services? Fear not, we’re here to help you sort everything out with our comprehensive SelectQuote review.

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