Empire General Life Insurance Co.

Updated: July 2021

Not too many years ago, you had a more significant amount of life insurance companies offering products and services than you do today.

Sure, new companies will continue to develop and begin offering life insurance products to consumers, but at the same time, large life insurance companies continue to buy and acquire life insurance companies we once knew in the marketplace.

Protective Life Insurance company logo

Empire General Life Insurance Co. happens to be one of those life insurance companies that is now a distant memory.

In 2007, Protective Life Insurance Company acquired Empire General Life Insurance Co.

Protective is one of the top life insurance companies in the nation with excellent ratings and many life insurance policy types and options.

For any of you individuals curious about what happens when these mergers and acquisitions take place and what happens to the obligations Empire General Life Insurance still needs to uphold to policyholders, then you have come to the right place.

Protective Life Insurance Company Acquired Empire General Life in 2007

First and foremost, your life insurance policies are still 100% valid and will be honored regardless of Protective Life acquiring Empire General Life Insurance Co.

When a company decides to purchase a smaller life insurance company, it also acquires all the current business and still is 100% responsible for all active and in force policies that were sold by Empire General before the merger or acquisition.

Additionally, Protective Life Insurance Co. is one of the best in the industry. They have acquired other life insurance companies in the past as well, including West Coast Life Insurance Co. Both West Coast Life and Empire General Life Insurance Co. are now considered wholly subsidiaries of Protective Life.

To make it simple, regardless of if you purchased a policy before 2007, your policy will be honored and is treated the exact same as it was previously. The only difference is that you will now submit claims and complete service on your current life insurance policies by contacting Protective Life instead of Empire General.

A Quick Overview of Protective Life, Where Your Empire General Policy Now is Held

Outside of being one of the cheapest options you can consider for term life insurance and universal life insurance, Protective Life is also one of the top-rated and longest-standing life insurance companies in the United States.

Protective Life is currently headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and is supported by the following financial strength ratings from the 4 major life insurance rating agencies.

  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Moody: A1
  • Fitch: A+
  • Standard and Poor: AA-

These are fantastic financial strength ratings and should have you rest assured that your old Empire General Life Insurance policy is safe with Protective Life and a company that it’s going to be around for the distant future.

Protective Life has also been around since 1907 which has them running on 112 years and going strong.

Protective Life can offer coverage to individuals with specific health concerns that other companies are not willing to do such as some heart conditions.

Products Currently Being Offered by Protective Life Insurance Company

Currently, Protective Life offers:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • They also provide some of the most unique riders in the industry.

Additionally, Protective Life is one of the few companies that provide great accelerated benefits built into their life insurance policies.

All this means is that if you were to become diagnosed either critically, chronically, or terminally ill, you would have the ability to collect a portion of your death benefit before passing away.

Surely a great benefit to have in today’s world where long-term care and health care costs, in general, are backbreaking and challenging to afford.

Empire General (Protective Life Insurance Company) Contact Information

Whether you have a policy with Empire General Life Insurance Company currently or Protective Life Insurance Company or perhaps are just shopping options, Protective Life’s company contact information is displayed below for you.

P.O. Box 12687
Birmingham Alabama 35202-6687
Empire General (Now Protective Life Insurance) Company Phone Number: 1-800-866-9933

Acquisitions and Mergers Will Always Happen- Only Use Independent Agents

Acquisitions and mergers have been taking place for a long time and will continue to take place in the future. In all reality, they aren’t a big deal. It’s a part of the life insurance business and how the big companies tend to operate. Protective Life is undoubtedly a great company to consider for your coverage.

If you had coverage with Empire General, you can rest easy knowing Protective Life is now handling and honoring the original policy.

If you are shopping policies, the most important thing you can do is use an independent life insurance agent only. Doing so will save you time, money, and give you valuable information like the details we have discussed in this post.

If you are shopping for a new life insurance policy, be sure to check out our reviews of over 30 life insurance companies to compare rates and policies.