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We always quote the lowest possible life insurance rates, while taking into account the customer’s situation.

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We will give you unbiased and objective information on your life insurance needs. With our instant quote engine, in just seconds you can compare life insurance rates from hundred of companies for free. Our goal is to inform you of all the options, and not mislead you with too-good-to-be-true insurance quotes that will never come true. For example, many companies quote term insurance rates without asking important health questions (i.e. are you a smoker, do you have heart problems, etc.), which may result in higher rates to the insured. The cheapest life insurance policy is not always the only thing to look for. It is important you find a cheap and affordable life insurance policy that meets your personal need for the policy, the purpose of purchasing.

Affordable Life Insurance

Unlike most companies, we do most of the work for you. In addition with providing you with accurate low cost insurance quotes (cheap life insurance price), we save you time and money. For example, we complete your applications, arrange for your free medical exam, and make all necessary follow-up calls to ensure expedient delivery.

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If you are looking for low cost whole life insurance rates, Spectrum Insurance Group provides a detailed free no obligation over the phone consultation. We will quote you on many different whole life insurance policies to find you the best rate available. Contact Us today!