412 (i) Term Life Insurance

A 412(i) plan is a fully insured life insurance plan with benefits that are guaranteed by the claims-paying ability of the carrier issuing the products that finance the plan. This shifts market risk from you and your business to the insurance carrier providing the products. Since the benefits in the plan are based on the minimum guaranteed rates within these financial products, it allows for larger tax-deductible contributions than any other qualified retirement plan. If a participant dies while the plan is still active, and life insurance is used for a portion of the funding, the participant’s beneficiaries receive the net death benefit income tax free. The net benefit is also available for estate liquidity and/or survival needs. As long as a life insurance policy remains in the 412(i) Defined Benefit plan, the participant will be taxed annually on the economic benefit.

Why Spectrum Group Term Life Insurance for your 412(i) Insurance Quote
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