Life Insurance Legacy: Make Your Life Simple And Easy

You may be healthy enough to work for the next three decades and support your growing family. But who knows what tomorrow brings? If people buy insurance for their cars in case of an accident, why not insurance for themselves?  Using Life Insurance Legacy Gifting you can leave behind a lasting legacy for your families future.

Unfortunately many people fail to realize that there are many different reasons to buy life insurance. Family Life Insurance Legacy

A Life Insurance Gift: The Benefits to You
Everybody has responsibilities and most of them usually require money. But since responsibilities vary from person to person with different needs, now there are different life insurance packages with different benefits. For instance, a husband may buy an insurance policy to have his wife and children taken care of in case something should happen to him.

In instances like this, life insurance package can give the assurance that the money will be provided when required. Life insurance was started primarily to cover expenses at death for costs like final expenses and debts and providing income for dependents.

The inconvenience of buying the insurance policy that suits you perfectly, is easily outweighed by the benefits offered. It’s a good idea to find a good insurance advisor well in advance to advise you on your options for insurance policies. An insurance advisor can make the benefits of insurance much clearer. It’s not just about helping you sort out the complexities of life insurance. First of all, you’ll get help to determine what exactly you want out of an insurance package.

Nowadays insurance benefits vary from the most basic, like providing a lump sum to your family in case you should meet a fatal accident, to the very intricate like covering long term illnesses, financing a new home, planning children’s education to ensuring a suitable investment portfolio to prepare for early retirement. Another is that life insurance is usually tax deductible eliminating the possibility of your disposable or retirement savings being trimmed by ever escalating costs of living.

How To Make Life Insurance a Legacy Gift?

  • Convert all or some of a term life insurance policy to permanent coverage. 
  • Shop for new permanent coverage
  • Protect any mortgage so that your family could pay off the home. 
  • Protect any estate taxes due so your family will pay this off without selling other assets. 
  • Protection to continue a business
  • Leave behind a cushion that your family could live off of for future generations.

An existing insurance policy that has completed serving its original purpose can be used now as a life insurance legacy gift.  The basic insurance benefits can remain the same or you can make adjustments in the coverage or beneficiaries that you originally set up. The life insurance not only acts as a safety net for your dependents should some mishap befall you but also a legacy.

Many feel that life insurance is the foundation of a sound financial plan with financial security for the family by protecting your financial resources including your present and future income against life’s uncertainties. More precisely, life insurance provides your family with cash after your death.

The death benefit takes the place of your income and is capable of covering many major financial needs like the mortgage, household expenses and preventing your dependents from being burdened with debt. With the proceeds from a life insurance policy, your family won’t be compelled to sell assets for outstanding bills or taxes.

Insurance is increasingly becoming more sophisticated with life insurance evolving to have living benefits (accelerated death benefit rider) to benefit not only dependents but individuals while living as well.

Life insurance legacy gifting means financial security which makes it all the more important for you to ensure the right amount of life insurance coverage. Life insurance is necessary when you have dependent children, aging parent to support, married to an unemployed spouse, own substantial assets, own a business or want supplementation of retirement savings.

Life insurance will provide your family with cash after your death for the mortgage and other ongoing household expenses.  Also it is an excellent resource for leaving behind a lasting legacy.