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As principal licensed life insurance agent Bennett Bier has helped 1000's of people purchase life insurance online & over the phone.  During his career he has become the go to expert for securing hard to place term and permanent life insurance policies for clients across the nation.  With his wealth of knowledge of each life insurance carrier's products and underwriting he provides honest answers and advice to every client.  Bennett Bier and his team will work tirelessly to successfully secure the coverage your family deserves. All content on this site has been written by life insurance experts & licensed life insurance agents.

The Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Companies

Almost half of the country does not have a life insurance policy. While life insurance coverage may not be the most glamorous subject, the reality is, without it, you are putting your family’s financial security at risk.

Nobody wants to risk leaving their loved ones with financial difficulties. One of the best ways you can protect your family is with a guaranteed universal life policy.

If you want an affordable life insurance policy with the benefit of permanent coverage, a guaranteed universal life policy could be the solution you are looking for.

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Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Review

Mutual of Omaha is one of the biggest and most widely recognized names in the insurance world. Founded in 1909, this company is a national insurance writer, providing financial products for individual clients as well as for larger businesses and corporations.

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How Are Life Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Many clients have wanted to know how are life insurance premiums calculated.  Insurance companies try to minimize their risk when setting the rates that you will pay for an insurance policy. They try to ensure that the premiums paid are higher or lower based on any health or lifestyle risk that you have in your…

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Average Funeral Cost

Budgeting for a funeral isn’t exactly the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, especially if it’s your own, but death is an unavoidable part of life that we have to plan for. A funeral and burial are a huge expense which is why having a comprehensive plan to help your loved ones pay for yours is a good idea. To make the planning process as easy as possible, we’re here to help you get a feel for the average funeral cost.

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SelectQuote Life Insurance Review

SelectQuote is a company whose services are well designed to match you with the perfect life insurance coverage options for your unique situation. No matter your age, gender, or health status, SelectQuote was designed to assist you in navigating the sometimes dull and dreary process of finding the correct life insurance provider.

But how successful is SelectQuote, really? And what should users know before enlisting its services? Fear not, we’re here to help you sort everything out with our comprehensive SelectQuote review.

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Globe Life Insurance Review

Globe Life is known for its hyper-simplified application process where clients can bypass the undergoing a medical examination. With Globe Life, you can easily purchase affordable life insurance as long as your needs for coverage are minimal. This insurance is not recommended for everyone due to its limitations in terms of service and coverage, however, their policies may be perfect for some people.

Low-income families could benefit significantly from Globe Life’s policies as could people with health conditions who need basic, affordable life insurance. Your needs may very well exceed what is offered by Globe Life and, if the coverage you require is more specialized, you should look elsewhere. That being said, for the people who would benefit from this provider, we’re going to take you through the ins and outs of this company’s policies.

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Ethos Life Insurance Review

Ethos is another highly rated and reviewed web-based insurance company designed for 21st-century efficiency. Its company goal is to make the process of applying for and acquiring life insurance easier and more accessible. In just a few minutes, the company provides instant quotes and coverage.

The vast majority of consumer ratings are positive for Ethos Insurance, with the speedy application and approval process being the number one reason why people are so quick to choose this company and its policies.

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Life Insurance with Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia

If you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, acquiring life insurance may be difficult, frustrating, or daunting at the very least. Many people living with these conditions have reported being declined by life insurance companies or being charged excessive rates for minimal coverage. While it’s true that the process is not an easy one, it is not impossible.

Much depends on the seriousness or severity of your condition and the success of treatment methods. For example, whether you are on medication or going to therapy. Even if these conditions have a huge impact on your daily life, you may qualify for standard life insurance policies. As a last resort, there are guaranteed issue polices that may suit your needs.

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Gifting Life Insurance Proceeds [Reduce Taxes!]

Gifting life insurance proceeds is a terrific way to benefit your favorite charity when you pass away. Not to mention the fact that you may even lower your income tax and reduce the bite estate taxes take with a little planning. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t strategize when they donate money to a cause,…

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Family Life Insurance

Life insurance can be complicated, with so many words thrown about like “Riders” and “term” and “variable”. If you have a family there are even more things with which to concern yourself, like coverage for kids and a spouse. Thankfully, once you understand the basics, it becomes much easier to decide on a family life…

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