General Life Insurance Information

Whether you’re looking for definitions or how-to guides, our general life insurance information section can help you better understand life insurance and find the best type of policy for you.

Below are 16 articles on general life insurance information to help you find the best policy.

Life Insurance Needs at Different Stages in Life

Consumers frequently have questions concerning the need for life insurance at different stages in life. These types of questions and concerns are completely understandable given the financial security and peace of mind that life insurance can provide during uncertain times. Having helped thousands of clients in evaluating coverage needs and choosing policy options, common trends…

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How To Save Money on Life Insurance

Need to know how to save money on life insurance? Here are the 10 best money saving tips for buying life insurance, from licensed life insurance experts! A life insurance policy is likely to be one of the most important investments you will make. Everyone wants the best deal they can find. We all want…

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6 Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Life Insurance

People purchase life insurance every day; well some people. Others do not for various reasons. Some may purchase life insurance very fast with little consideration. Although life insurance is simple in nature, it can be complex. It requires some patience to determine the correct policy. It also requires transparency with your life insurance agent. I…

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How To File A Life Insurance Claim

It’s unfortunate that a life insurance claim calls for paperwork which is hardly welcome to anyone facing the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, you can follow the simple steps below if you’re not sure how to file a life insurance claim. Below, we’ll show you exactly what to do to make sure you receive…

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Why Life Insurance Is Getting More Affordable

There are numerous reasons that life insurance rates have been declining over the past couple of decades. These reasons include Insurer’s cutting down their expenses, investing their balance sheet in a far superior method, and increased competition in the marketplace. But one fundamental change has been driving significant consumer savings in the life insurance space…

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How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Life Insurance Premiums

Some health conditions, your lifestyle and activities you take part in can increase your life insurance premiums. Some even disqualify you from certain insurance plans. In this article, we will discuss some of the health risks and lifestyle choices that affect your insurance rates. Life insurance is based primarily on your age and on your…

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Life Insurance Options: Make The Best Choice

For long, life insurance has been seen as a key building block of financial security due to the protection for those closest to you in case of a death. In various forms, the one core benefit it offers is to pay an income-tax-free death benefit directly to your beneficiary on your death. There’s more to…

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