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Term Life Insurance Calculator
Step 1: Annual pre-tax income needed:
Step 2: Years of income needed:
Step 3: Estimated interest rate earned on invested insurance proceeds:
Step 4: Estimated annual inflation rate (3% avg. last 10 years):
Step 5: The amount of life insurance needed to replace you annual income is:

* - Answering the following questions on this page may not determine your eligibility for coverage.


The above data is for informational purposes only and is not binding legally. The information is updated on a regular basis, but some facts such as ratings may have changed since this page was posted. We do our best to ensure accuracy on your level term life insurance quotes. We receive the data in real time from the A+ rated carriers. If you have trouble determine your appropriate rate class please feel free to Consult a Term Life Insurance representative to verify information and receive personalized accurrate quotes. Term Life Insurance Rates are provided in our online quote engine. If you are interested in comparing life insurance quotes from many different types of insurance products. Please contact our toll free number and get connected to a life insurance specialist instantly. We are here to eduate the consumers into making an informed decision on which product will fit your personal needs best. We will answer any questions and discuss with you all your many life insurance options at NO COST or NO OBLIGATION. This process is 100% free up until you decide to take the term,whole,universal or no medical exam life insurance policy issue to you.


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